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These days, the vast majority of cars, vans, and trucks come with keyless entry and ignition systems that all but eliminate the risk of locking your keys inside or leaving them indoors when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. Remote key fobs allow you to open, lock, and start your car with a small remote you can keep on your keychain or in a pocket.

If your fob is broken or you lost it, Bedford Lock and Key can help you repair or replace it. Our experienced locksmiths, located in Bedford Mass, have the tools and the know-how to program just about any of the current models of key fobs. We have several of the more common models in stock at our location, so we can often get the blank programmed and operational while you wait. For less common types of fobs, or if we have to order the part, we can let you know when to expect it and we stand by every job we do with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee

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