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One of Bedford Lock & Key’s many automotive locksmith services we provide is ignition repair and replacement. Without a working ignition cylinder, driving your car or truck could become impossible. That is why our team is available to travel throughout our service area in eastern Massachusetts to help drivers quickly and efficiently get the repair or replacement services they need and get back on the road. We offer emergency lockout services 24/7 so if you ever need an emergency lockout service, please don’t hesitate to call 781 275 1597. There are a few reasons an ignition cylinder would fail as well as some symptoms that your ignition cylinder is getting worse.

Signs of A Faulty Ignition Cylinder

The core signs that your ignition cylinder may fail soon are the following: your vehicle doesn’t start, you have issues turning the power on in your vehicle, or you have issues inserting/removing your keys. First, there are actually many reasons that your car engine might not start aside from the ignition cylinder. Many different no start conditions exist and you may need to see a mechanic before you see a locksmith in the event that your engine is not working. Similarly, a car failing to power up could be an issue with the battery or the ignition. But generally speaking, if your key is no longer fitting inside the ignition cylinder smoothly, this could be signs of a fam or bind which interferes with your ignition cylinder. In this case, you will need the cylinder replaced professionally by a locksmith. Both your key sticking or endlessly turning are signs of a faulty ignition cylinder.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Ignition Cylinder

Bedford Lock & Key serves the Massachusetts area with locksmith services for automotive needs. For that reason, these estimates are based on local prices for eastern Massachusetts. There are a few cost factors involved when replacing an ignition cylinder. First the parts: Different cylinders have different prices ranging from a low-end of 20 dollars to a high-end of over 200 dollars. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle you may need different parts. Our team keeps the most common cylinders on hand but in some cases, special parts have to be ordered. Aside from that, there are also labor costs for the locksmith. Depending on how far your vehicle is to the locksmith shop and what services are required, prices will range. Instead of creating an estimate, the recommended course of action is that you call a locksmith and get a quote for the job.

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If you have an ignition cylinder problem, contact Bedford Lock & Key for a quick quote on the job. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our automotive locksmith services.