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Did you know that your garage door is one of the weakest features of your home in terms of security? For homes with an attached garage, this is a really bad issue. That is why we always recommend that homeowners with attached garages lock the door that connects the garage to the home securely with a deadbolt. But even if your garage is unattached, or you have a deadbolt for your connecting door, you still don’t want burglars to be able to break into your garage. Different garage doors have different security measures in place, and experienced burglars have tools to get around them.

Motorized Garage Doors Security Issue

If your garage door opens and closes electronically, it is likely more secure than an old fashioned garage door. Doors that have to be manually opened are not common in Massachusetts. The majority of homeowners have an electric garage door that sometimes comes with a remote. Even though these doors are designed with security in mind, they are not impenetrable. “Fishing” is a common trick done by burglars to force a garage door to open. Every electric garage doors have a safety measure in place including an emergency release. Emergency releases disconnect the door from power so that the door can be moved up and down manually. Fishing involves tripping this emergency release so that the burglar can simply lift the door.

Improve Your Garage Door Security

There are a variety of electronic and manual locks that can protect your home from fishing attempts. Contact the team at Bedford Lock & Key to discuss the tools we have on hand, our prices, and setting up an installation. Some homeowners use a simple lock that they can lock while they are gone on a vacation or away from the home for an extended period of time. Other homeowners get sensors that will trip an alarm when the garage door’s emergency release is triggered.

Install Locks On Doors Between Your Home & Garage

As mentioned above, our team highly recommends that homeowners lock any adjoining doors between their garage and home. Burglars that plan to breach a home through the garage will often target homes that have attached garages. An unfortunate amount of homeowners do not have sufficient locks on the door between their garage and their home because they assume the garage door will protect them. We recommend that every homeowner treats the adjoining door the way they would treat a backdoor or a front door for their home. Deadbolts, doorknob locks, or lever and handle locks are all highly recommended. Our team would be happy to provide a quote on any of these security upgrades.

Contact Bedford Lock & Key for Lock Prices and Installation Times

If you are interested in having a technician from our team come to your location to set up a new lock, we would be happy to provide you with a quote and some appointment times. Simply fill out our online contact form.